If the idea of ​​a "New Beginning" seems close to you and you would like to contribute to our activities, you can do so in one of the ways indicated below.​

Contribute and become part of this project!

Support financially by order

Support via Paypal

Donate via PayPal and support our project.

Donate your time

The project is currently very much looking for fundraising, designer and marketing specialists. Also, individuals or companies that can contribute to the dissemination of this project.

Contribute through Contribee

Contribute through Contribee and support our cause.

To whom the funds are allocated

Do you have time and want to contribute to our project? Maybe you are a representative of a socially responsible business who wants to set an example for other companies by contributing volunteer work or specialist knowledge? Or maybe an architect or designer who wants to help with design decisions? We also welcome help with outreach and other activities. Let's get in touch and discuss how we can collaborate!