Let's build care homes together!

Your designated 1.2% will contribute to the well-being of future housemates, the creation of jobs in a remote town, and the strengthening of community. Watch how your support turns into concrete work on the care home’s New Beginnings Facebook account.

​ The tax period is 2023
The recipient’s identification number (code) is 302554492
The purpose of the tax portion is “NAUJA PRADŽIA”
The size of the tax share (percentage) – 1.2
I allocate the tax part until the tax period – until 2024 at the latest.
Support can be provided until 05/02/2024.

How to do it?

Other ways you can contribute

Support financially by order

Support via Paypal

Donate via PayPal and support our project.

Donate your time

The project is currently very much looking for fundraising, designer and marketing specialists. Also, individuals or companies that can contribute to the dissemination of this project.

Contribute through Contribee

Contribute through Contribee and support our cause.